Greetings from the President:

Greetings on the behalf of the Greater Sacramento & Vicinity Baptist Ministers Alliance (also known as GSVBMA). My name is Dr. Bryant C. Wyatt, President of the GSVBMA and local Pastor of the Mounty Calvary Baptist Church in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento. As a Pastor and Clergyman in this community. In have a love for God,, the church and our local community. However, as a Christian leader, I also see a need for more unity; more unity among Pastors and Clergyman, more unity within the church, moe unity within local government and in our communities. Together we can effect positive change in our Christian communities and within our local communities. As President of the GSVBMA along with Executive Staff, I am confident that our organization can be a catalyst in this endeavor.

The GSVBMA is a united and praying group of Pastors and Ministers whose mission is to twofold: To unite empower and provide support for Clergyman and churches; to impact positive change in our local communities through collaborations with civic and community organizations. We are prepared to be a resource for Pastors, parishioners and community members. In addition, we are open to partnering with local leaders and organizations. In addition, we are open to partnering with local leaders and orgaivations to reduce violence to better educate our society and bring unity for the overall improvement of our communities.

We invite Pastors, Clergymen, and organizations to consider partnering with us in an effort to unite our local churches and communities. Thank you for your time and consideration. Unity is God's Way,

Dr. Bryant C. Wyatt


"Believers are never told to become one; we already are one and are expected to act like it" - Joni Eareckson Tada

Our Mission

To facilitate activities for the spiritual growth and development, to promote Christian fellowship, and to strategize-organize community partnerships.


Our Vision

It is the intention of the Greater Sacramento & Vicinity Baptist Ministers Alliance to bring Unity in the Christian Community, fostering impactful churches and effective Civic Collaboratives, there by providing structure and direction for Sacramento Communities.

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Greater Sacramento & Vicinity Baptist Ministers' Alliance

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